All You Need To Know About The Route For Round The World Travel!

As the year approaches an end and the New Year bell beckons, many of us have sworn by the dismissal promises. Some of the lofty ones following their round the world travel route. This may sound obnoxious or an absurd idea for many, but talking to a full time traveler, you will only hear words of encouragement.

round the world travel route

Be a bit minimalist for the year proceeding (unless, of course, money is not an issue) and proceed further. Planning & more planning and a substantial amount of time needs to be invested before you embark on the ambitious journey. I suggest read a lot and watch few good movies for inspiration. It will help you familiarize with the culture and save from profound culture shocks.

So now the backpack is ready, insurances are on place, freelance clients are pouring in work on you and the visa has got stamped, what are you waiting for?

The obvious question that comes next is how to plan a round the world travel route. Where to start and a rough sketch of the route to be followed, should have made a blue print in your mind. The anxious parents and family needs to be re assured. Let us help you in this part. Let us show you the most optimized route in case you are a US citizen.


Fly to Sydney. No question asked. Start your journey from the land of kangaroos. The island, continent being in the midst of Pacific and far away from the major chuck of landmass, offers varied culture, food habit and landscapes.

Unleash your soul in the myriad party scene or serene nature trails. The continent is home to several great waterfalls, humongous mountains, stunning coral reefs and spectacular urban life style. It will charge you with necessary energy for the upcoming holidays.

South East Asia

It is time you head for a different world altogether. The South East Asian countries houses archipelagos in the Andaman Sea as well as the heart of residents! The culture, food habit, cityscape, and history everything is distinctive and gleaming in its own bounty of surprises.

Not very long ago, the area was war torn and it is soothing to experience how the phoenix has risen from the ash.

India & China

Welcome to the ancient part of the world and be prepared to take a journey through a whirlpool of emotion in India & China. These countries are humongous both in terms of land mass and population. The never ending populace show cases countless lifestyle; some has sustained historic events dating back a couple of thousand years.

Visit few of the wonders of the world, and know for sure they will make you feel short of words. The borderline contains conflict areas, best avoided. The culinary journey is tempting but at times could be daring too. People are genial, ready to welcome you with open arms. Well, most of the times.


Hold your breath for you will be visiting the cradle of renaissance. Even though a smaller continent, each and every country of the European Union has an array of offering in terms of culture, food and nature.

Choose your favorite from the Mediterranean side (how about Italy? ) or head to the wonders near Arctic (Iceland or Norway, take your pick). Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin should most definitely feature in your plan.


The azure beaches of Morocco or never ending coast line of Seychelles will not disappoint you, neither will the wild of Serengeti National Forest. Want to party? Visit nowhere else but Cape town!

Latin America

Lush Amazon, snow capped Patagonia, vibrant Brazil and surfers’ paradise coastline of Argentina await you here. Have enough time before you head back home. The culinary treats of the continent is one of a kind and the perfect end to seal the deal!

This round the world travel route serves the best of anyone starting the tour from Far East or USA, West Coast. Of course the huge coast line of South America too.

However, for residents of other continents, it is always suggested you start in a clockwise manner. In case you have done something differently and have suggestions about round the world travel route, please feel free to suggest.

Madhurima Chakraborty

A full time management professional with wanderlust driven soul, Madhurima finds solace in writing as much as exploring new places. A resident of Bangalore, she has essence of Kolkata flowing in her blood. She wants to tick off traveling all the countries of the world, tasting best of sea food from around the globe and collecting a wardrobe full of saris.

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