5 Best Restaurants in Pampanga, Philippines

Pampanga in the Philippines has earned itself a reputation for being the culinary capital of Philippines and is a must-visit for foodies from all over the world. Pampanga is a small province in Central Luzon. Think culinary delights, think Pampanga! Some of the best restaurants in Pampanga, Philippines are dotted in cities like San Fernando and Angeles City. From the regional Kapampangan cuisine to Thai cuisine, from French cuisine to Mexican cuisine and Italian cuisine, Pampanga is your best bet for an indulgence in delicious food

5 Best Restaurants in Pampanga, Philippines

The local Kapampangans were quick to learn the culinary skills of Spanish cooking from the early Spanish invaders who ruled Philippines but with it they were also influenced by the local Filipino cuisine and hence the Kapampangan cuisine is characterized by a blend of both Spanish and Filipino flavors. 

Here are our top 5 picks for the best restaurants in Pampanga, Philippines:

Chef Liam’s Kitchen

Chef Liam’s Kitchen is a quality restaurant in the capital of Pampanga, San Fernando, Philippines and serves exotic Kapampangan, Asian, Italian, French and Mexican cuisines. The restaurant is popular for its weekday lunch buffets and Thai dinner buffet on Fridays. The main highlight of the restaurant is customers can actually see Chef Liam cooking in the open kitchen of the restaurant. For the Mexican palate you could feast on the Chicken Quesadilla with Jalapenos and the delish Nachos. For the French and Italian palate you could try the Classic Lasagna al Forno and Tuscan Shrimps in Tagliatelle Pasta. A visit to Chef Liam’s is really worth the money as it’s one of the best restaurants in San Fernando Pampanga

Location: 17, Era Zone Building, Kalahi Business Park

Opening hours: All days of the week; 11:00 am to 10:00 pm 

Café Fleur

Café Fleur is one of the most-visited restaurants in Angeles City, Philippines. It is a concept restaurant run by Chef Sau Del Rosario and it houses three restaurants: Café, LEH-LEH, and BABO. Café is a small eatery located on the restaurant’s ground floor, serves delectable beverages and desserts like cold-coffee and Tinapa Truffle Mousse, a must-visit for a rejuvenating food experience. By the side of Café on the same floor is LEH-LEH, a Thai restaurant serving authentic Thai food like Pad Thai and Pandan Chicken. One floor above is Babo, a popular Kapampangan restaurant that specializes in local Kapampangan delicacies. 

Location: Miranda Street, Barangay Sto. Rosario

Opening hours: Open Tue to Sun between 11:00 am to 10:00 pm; closed on Monday


Bale-Dutung in Angeles City, Philippines is the brainchild of Chef Claude Tayag and is run by both him and his wife Mary Anne. Chef Claude Tayag shot into limelight when his popular restaurant got featured in the popular 2008 American Travel and Food show- Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. That being said, the main highlight of the restaurant is its awesome Filipino ambience and its different sets of entrees classified as Anthony Bourdain, “To Go” Specialties, Lechon, Desserts and Christmas Dishes. The Lechon for instance is available in 5 different variations on the restaurant’s menu and is worth a try. 

Location: Villa Gloria Subdivision

Opening hours: A prior reservation is required

Susie’s Cuisine

Susie’s Cuisine in Angeles City is one of the best restaurants in Angeles City, Philippines and is popular for serving Pancit Luglug (washed noodles) from the Kapampangan cuisine. This is a countrywide chain restaurant that can also be found in nearby provinces of Pampanga and Metro Manila area. The other must-eat delicacy at this restaurant is Bringhe, an alternative version of the rich dish Spanish Paella; Bringhe differs with Paella in that chicken is used instead of seafood and for this reason Bringhe is also known as the poor man’s Paella. 

Location: 36 Hilda Street, Nepo Mart Building

Opening hours: All days of the week

1956 Downtown Café

This is another popular eatery in Angeles City owned by the highly acclaimed Chef Claude Tayag from Pampanga. Most Kapampangans know it as just Downtown. The Café like Bale-Dutung boasts of an excellent Filipino ambience and is popular among the locals for feasting on popular Filipino breakfast foods like Pinoy Style Corned Beef Chunk. During a Pampanga tour don’t give a miss to 1956 Downtown Café as it is one of best restaurants in Pampanga, Philippines to eat breakfast and relax. 

Location: The Quad at Nepo, Nepo Mart, Plaridel Street

Opening hours: All days of the week; 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Manila can be a good jump-off point to discover the culinary tastes of Pampanga as they both lie in close proximity to each other. Have your cheap flights to Manila booked today with iEagle for the biggest savings on airfares.

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